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Accelerate your career with cna 2

Certified nursing assistants who hold a current, unencumbered license in Oregon are often eligible to expand their license to a CNA 2 certification through additional training. This can create opportunities for advancement and higher pay in their career field. 


Classroom time is made up of 6 days [60 hours],  from 8:00am to 6:30pm with a 30 minute lunch. Clinical time may vary and may NOT be consecutive days. Clinical scheduling requires 3 eight hour shifts and 1 four hour shift [28 hours]

Shifts may be day or evening depending on the class size. You must remain flexible for day or evening clinical's and for up to 7 days after the didactic class.

What is CNA2?

Oregon has two levels of Certified Nursing Assistants: CNA 1 and CNA2. Each has distinct curriculum requirements, evaluations methods, and authorized duties. To be recognized as a CNA 2, an individual is required to hold a current unencumbered CNA 1 license and complete a nursing assistant level 2 training program. Individuals with a CNA1 license are not required to become trained in CNA 2 capacities. 


CNA2 training is focused on the knowledge and skills needed to work in hospitals and other acute care settings. Many hospitals expect their CNAs to be trained to this level. CNA2s assist licensed nursing personnel in these settings in the provision of nursing care, providing opportunities for optimal patient independence and supporting behaviors that promote positive healing.

CNA2 Curriculum spells out a level of knowledge, skills, and abilities at a greater depth than a level 1 training program, including the concepts of safety and preventing complications, communicating patient responses to the nurse, and documenting/recording outcomes of client care.

For more information on obtaining CNA 2 license, visit the OSBN CNA 2 Certification Information Page


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