To be eligible for the CNA II program:

  • Applicants must hold a current, unencumbered license to work as a Nursing Assistant in Oregon.

  • They must present a valid ID and have a current American Heart Association BLS card. If applicants do not have a current BLS certification, they may complete it with EMT Associates for an additional charge prior to the class.

  • Applicants must have active health insurance. 

  • They must complete a background check and drug screen within 30 days of class. The drug test must be performed by Any Lab Test Company, located at: 977 Garfield #6, in Eugene, OR 97402.

  • The following immunizations also require verification: MMR, Varicella, Hep B, Two-Step TB test, and an Annual Flu Vaccine if your clinicals are between October 1 and March 30.  

In the CNA2 Registration Packet you will find the application materials for the CNA2 program, as well as the orientation packet needed to complete clinical hours with Peacehealth. More information on requirements is located there. 

All classes start at 8:00 am and end at 6:30 pm. Clinicals begin at 6:45 am, and end at 3:15 pm.


Tuition in Full: $865

Non refundable registration fee: $150


[includes a non-refundable $150 registration deposit, textbook, scrub top, 1 surgical mask daily for class, and 1 face shield or protective goggles for clinicals]

Ready to apply? Call us today to schedule an appointment and begin the application process!


Upcoming Dates 2021

Class Dates

May 17-22

June 11-16

July 19 - 24

August 30 - 31, September 1 - 3 & 7

October 4 - 9

November 1 - 6

December 10 - 15

Schedules Include Weekend Hours

Clinical dates

May 24-28

June 17-20

July 26 - 29

September 8 - 11

October 11 - 14

November 8 - 11

December 16 - 19

Schedules Include Weekend Hours

* Dates of clinical time may vary and may NOT be consecutive days. You must remain flexible for day or evening clinicals for up to 7 days